Machines à Sous Little Britain | France

Machines à Sous Little Britain | France

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Machines à Sous Little Britain | France -

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Machines À Sous Little Britain | France Video

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And what happens when the car is forced to drive at a lower speed? Fuel consumption increases, the car cannot produce sufficient heat to enable the catalytic converter, that converts carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water, to work effectively.

French fuel price changes. Also see pre-route planning with GoogleMaps. Use a large road atlas, such as the one published by Michelin , for your preliminary trip planning.

Once you have determined the general route, then use on-line planners which can give detailed information on distances, toll and fuel costs, and the location of speed cameras.

Blue Series maps are 1: However, this is a little haphazard, especially for the high-scale versions, as these places usually only hold maps local to them.

Mappy is an excellent, if slightly clumsy, on-line road planner. It also gives you the option of checking your toll costs for using motorways.

Map24 is another online route-planning site, with several Java-powered interactive facilities. Although in French for the map of France, Map24 is mostly intuitive to use and can even be fun.

It is possible to look at the map related to your chosen itinerary in various degrees of three dimensions [VUE 3-D], as if low-flying over the land.

Remember to prepare your car to be both legal and safe in France. In , there were 15, level crossings on the national railway network - 0.

Bearing these numbers in mind, there is a grand total of 80 level crossing cameras in France, that is one for every crossings.

A rare creature then, that is installed on what is called "priority crossings". The camera is very similar to those used with traffic red lights.

The essential difference is the level crossing red flashing lights are synced to alternate with the camera flashes so each snapshot can highlight when the signal turned on.

The first flash occurs when a vehicle starts to cross the line, and a second flash follows when the vehicle has continued their course at the crossing, whether on the railway line or when crossing the barrier line.

In order to allow users to stop safely to comply with the flashing signalling, there is a safety delay, similar to the amber light for traffic lights, is set on the equipment.

This delay is 3 seconds in built-up areas and 5 seconds outside built-up areas. It is only after this time that illegal crossings will trigger the radar flash.

Some drivers take three seconds even to react, while a common reaction time of 1. At least that time again is needed for the car to stop under braking.

When driving at 50 kph the maximum legal speed in towns , the reaction distance is just over 7. This is not good when you are being followed by the typical French tailgater.

Clearly, someone is more interested in money than common sense. From Monday 14th September , a new generation of speed cameras is coming into full service, with fines being issued to vehicles flashed.

The new cameras photograph both front and rear number plates. One version of the cameras photographs one car two times - as it approaches the camera and then again as it goes past and away there is little further information available on these cameras.

In the other option, the cameras photo the number plates of approaching cars in one lane, as well as those of cars going away on the further lane of a two-lane road.

It also means that the authorities can have a photo of the driver's face, which could help in cases when the car's legal owner was not the offending driver.

For the cameras that will photo cars on either lane of a two-lane road, it doubles the number of possible finable victims. These cameras can only be mounted at one side of a road, at ground level.

They do not function on gantries, nor in the centre of a dual carriageway road or motorway, not on a pole like traffic light camera installations.

Kindly, "information panels are systematically installed" in each direction on the roads controlled by such equipment.

And they are different to the current warning information panels. So when you see a new-type sign, you will look at both road sides to spot the camera.

In all, cameras will being put into service now. This will increase to by the end of , and a further is expected in Many of the cameras are existing cameras that are having their software up-graded.

These cameras are being introduced now because the number of deaths on the roads is increasing again. Well, they do not make as much money.

Cameras in accident-prone zones only flash 4, times in a year, while those in non-accident prone zones flash 12, times. There are over 9 million automatic road cameras operating in France.

When a vehicle is flashed, the traffic control computer systems have to co-ordinate with other data systems holding driver's and vehicle details in order to be able to fine and deduct points.

If a person is driving a company car, the company most often pays the fine. Lastly, a good percentage of cases fail for 'technical' reasons.

Mind you, it's still a good thing to drive at a moderate speed, both for your nerves and for helping to minimise carbon dioxide emissions!

Their length may be metres, 2 km, or 4 km. Until your GPS is up to date, disable the radar camera detection facility. Then you can update your GPS software later.

These signs are often on dual carriageways or other trunk roads. Speed indicator powered by a photo-voltaic panel.

The speed indicated is very unreliable. In this case, the speed being driven was about 75 kph. Note that sometimes there is a speed camera not long after the speed sign.

Heaven knows whether speed cameras are just as unreliable. As well as these immediate speed detectors and cameras, there are also being installed measured-distance speed radar systems that flash up a driver's car registration number and the words TROP VITE!

So far, these gantry signs are operated by the motorway concessionaires, for "the drivers' education".

It is unclear whether these speed detectors will inform drivers that their speed has been recorded. It's all part of driver intimidation. It is being announced in French newspapers , by September , many new rules proposed to penalise bad drivers.

These new strictures, no doubt, would help Nicholas Sarkozy in the run up to the next Presidential election in , while much increased fines would help the French Treasury, which like so many others is suffering in the current financial malaise.

A greater constraint on speeding will also control fuel consumption. During , the frequent contradictory, badly placed road signs have even come to the notice of the French TV news and the government.

In contrast, French speed cameras are well forewarned - all changed, see above. Although we had been informed that the large prominent signs below would be removed progressively, this did not happen, so drivers should still keep a look out on seeing such a sign.

If you generate an itinerary using Mappy , it will locate approximately where there are any speed cameras on your route. Also, various motorist groups do provide them, usually by region.

French road sign warning of a speed camera ahead, now being withdrawn. However, although the warning sign is prominent, the camera that follows is often placed discretely - under a bridge, behind a road barrier, near a roadside planting.

Also be aware that French fixed cameras are not set on high supports as in the UK, but are attached to a short support near the ground.

There is no reason in France to receive a speeding ticket from a fixed camera, the signs like that photographed above are very prominent and usually several hundred yards before the camera - see a sign and make damn sure your speed is comfortably below the local speed limit.

You can even take pleasure in watching the cars rushing past who are then flashed by the camera. French fixed radar speed cameras left: As well as the 1, fixed cameras on French roads, installed since October , there are also many mobile cameras used by gendarmes.

These may be set up at the roadside, or looking out from the back of a police estate car. These cameras should also be signed by a smaller, mobile warning sign.

Remember les flics are out to meet targets and to make money. French speed cameras send two photos and accompanying data to a central processing point that, after assessment that the driver was speeding, automatically sends out the paperwork demanding the fine.

Fines are on sliding scales, depending how much above the local speed limit the car was going. Be aware also, that the fines are accompanied by a deduction of one or more points from the driving licence, again on a sliding scale.

If you receive such a demand, it has to be paid first with the amount doubling if there is delay and any dispute can be made later.

However, as a foreign visitor, you may well escape paying a fine, unless you are caught by a roadside gendarme who demands an immediate fine, or unless your car is registered in another European Union country that has a bilateral agreement.

Euroland is gradually moving to reciprocal recognition and shared data record storage of car registration. The first countries that are moving towards such arrangements are Germany, Holland, Spain.

This situation will be complete when the proposed European driving licence is in place. Permission has been given for a further 3, surveillance cameras to be installed in towns.

As towns become more crowded with traffic and parking is often reduced to provide more pedestrianised areas, finding somewhere to stop is becoming more irksome.

From the beginning of , a new requirement will roll out to reduce air pollution caused by cars - the older ones and, particularly, those with diesel engines.

Drivers will display Crit'Air stickers to show how much the car pollutes, the different colours on the stickers indicating the level of pollution the most polluting cars have no sticker.

Although this requirement is as yet voluntary, cities with considerable pollution problems are demanding the stickers sooner, particularly Paris, Lyon, and Grenoble.

Air pollution, in particular from fine particulates and nitrogen oxide, is blamed for 2, deaths a year in Paris and 5, across France, higher numbers are also quoted.

The Crit'Air stickers, costing 3. The application is spread over several pages, requiring full details of the vehicle's registration and a copy of the up-to-date registration certificate.

The certificate has to be uploaded as a. Note that after ordering, the sticker can take 6 weeks to arrive in the UK.

However, French officials say that showing a printed copy of the email confirming the purchase of a sticker will be sufficient to show to police if the car is stopped.

The different categories are divided into petrol [ essence ] and diesel cars, and then when the car was first immatriculated given an number plate.

Vehicles circulating in Paris must be equipped with an air quality certificate, "Crit'Air", established by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, that is to say a sticker indicating their Level of pollution.

There is no exception for foreign cars, even if just passing through Paris on the way to somewhere else.

This in addition to lorries, coaches and buses registered before1st October , petrol and diesel cars registered before 31st December , and motor bikes and similarly engined vehicles registered before 31st May being banned all together.

As of 1 July , the traffic ban will apply to diesel and light commercial vehicles with a Euro 2 sticker put into service before 1 January - no new prohibition for petrol vehicles before that date and heavy goods vehicles Euros 3 sticker registered before 1 October Although, foreign cars do not have to submit to a French M.

But if you drive on the tolled motorways, the tolls will cost you approximately 8p a mile [3] about the same as the fuel cost. There are two types of kit: In France, one of the places to buy these is in the local pharmacy.

Cars and other vehicles with two or more wheels mopeds, 50cc or less, are excluded will be checked before they even hit French roads, with random checks in the Channel Tunnel and on cross-channel ferries.

Since , drink-driving has been the greatest cause of the over 4, road deaths a year, greater even than those caused by speeding.

See how the white central dashes and white lines bordering the road peter out beyond the triangular sign.

On first arriving in France — driving:: Index for motoring in France:: New secondary road speed limits, from summer On secondary roads with one lane in either direction and without a central separator, that is most roads apart from dual carriageways and motorways, the speed limit has been reduced from 90 kph 56 mph to 80 kph 50 mph.

You have been warned. Other amusements you may run across: Barrelling down a motorway, or even a minor road, one may suddenly be confronted by a fellow in a hard hat waving a red flag.

Only to discover that that the man is, in fact, a metal robot with a moving, jointed arm, just there for decoration. It is not some panicking Frog signalling a major accident.

A distinct aversion to cat's eyes not invented here, or economising? This, of course, makes driving at night more difficult than it need be, especially when the narrow side road anonymously grades off into grass and then a ditch.

Verges and deep ditches in shadow on a newly re-tarmacked main road. At the moment, there is one temporary sign warning of dangerous banks, but this danger continues right into the distance.

This picture is in bright sunlight. However, in wet, gloomy conditions the contrast between road and verge is very poor.

Ill-defined verges along a country side road, where the verges slope down to the ditches. The tyre marks of lorries can be seen in the muddy verge, as can the tarmac starting to break up on the border of road and verge as vehicles manoeuvre to pass one another.

Note that as well as the border between road and verge not being marked, there is no central marking on this narrow road. Round, square and rhombus: E for gasoline, B for diesel Petrols will be named after their ethanol content: For diesel , motorists will have to get used to the letter "B", which announces the biofuel content: All the major distributors have already added the new labels to their pumps, but there may be some small independent distributors for which it will take a little more time.

Will the old names disappear? View showing a railway level crossing camera circled in pink. Railway crossing camera - close-up.

The camera must be positioned to one side of a road, at car level. The three windows are larger. Top left box - the flash, top right - the two cameras, bottom left - the radar.

Evolution of diesel [ gazole ] prices at supermarkets in France since Poey de Lascar, A Spot Em - Here n' There!

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Sirmo Bingo Manuals — Wiko Parts Catalog — Bally — The Detail. Bingo Parts Catalog — Maintenance Tips - Malibu Manual — General Pinball Internet Links — Bally Dual-Domination Bingos — Bally Solid-White Light Towers — The large white 3-Watt ohm resistors — PinMonkey on Playfield Care — Old Winders Rewinding your Solenoids — Cleaning Steppers — Ball Size — G.

Replay Counter Operation Videos — — Tech — Lotta Fun Modifications — Was there more than one Magic Screen control?? Spare parts for your Hi Line bingo?

Were there different Light Shields? Siemens helps the bingos go Wireless?? Lock Down Bar Transparencies — Source. Bingos Score Wins Incorrectly: Two ways to make the extra ball dead on a Beach Club!

Operators could tighten up the Machines! Space Game Light Shields — Aliens? Big Show will only spot the 18, not the 2 — Bingo Repair Videos — Alan Marriage — Bingo Repair Videos — Richard Gerlitz — Russ Jensen Classifies the Bally Bingos — Cleaning the cloth-covered wiring — Advice — Bally Cabinet Stencil Set Source — The United Manuals — Belgium Custom Glace Resource — Setting up your bingo for Freeplay — United's Triple Play Manual — Did Bally make any Solid-State Bingos — Bingos modified for Instant Replays — New Bally Backglasses — European Made.

Silver Sails Smokes at Turn-on — Advice — Tilt Problem with Coinless Operation — Advice. Bali Appears Dead — General Advice — Shutter Open After 1 st Ball — Advice — Bingo Features — United Ball-Shooters — Setting your Bingo up for Coinless Play — Dr.

Bally Backbox Internals — Argentina Restoration — Restoration — Showtime — Restoration — Steve Shares his Bikini — Argentina Restoration — II — Restoration — Surf Club Playfield — Restoration — Kevin Shares his Bikini — Russ Jensen — Trouble-Shooting Guide.

Electro-Mechanical Pinball Repair Guide. Bally Night Club — Scoring Problem — Roger adjusts the scoring on his Bali.

Trouble-Shoot Kumback Key — Sparks NV, Ace Pins — Bingo Designer — Directeur Technique — Who's Who - Mr.

Hugh Kown — Frans Pilger — Coos Hakvoort — Roger Morden — Kevin Musk — Bluesection — Jack Keeney — Rob Hawkins — Don Hooker — Westronics — Automatic Canteen Company of America — The Commonwealth of Virginia — Bingo Collector — John Prigg shares his Texas Collection — Keith Nickalo — Dennis Dodel —

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